you don’t know your poor if you’ve never been rich…

okay, well that’s not entirely true. but you get my meaning. my friends are telling me that, though they’re still making the same amount of money, they’re can’t afford as much as they could before. since money has always been tight in our house, we can afford as much as we could before. and that ain’t a lot ;-)

but that got me thinking. i’ve been thinking about the expense of my materials, the cost of my most favoritist line (Bonhomie Charms) and weighed that all against what i’m trying to achieve. you might ask, “well, what are you trying to achieve?” i know that you might ask that question because i asked the same question! *grin* i’m not trying to get rich. yes, i am trying to contribute to the financial care of my household but what i’d really like is to provide meaningful jewelry. jewelry that is unique and makes the wearer feel special. i want to provide jewelry that is treasured. and with that revelation, i made a decision:

HUGE cut in prices. seriously. we may not have any money but we should all be able to have something special ;-)  laurasnecklace2

so head over to Bonhomie Charms and check out the new and improved prices! you also might notice that i made a few minor changes to the site and added something new (not brand new, just new to the site. but brand new is coming soon!)

then come back and tell me, if you had enough money to purchase one item that you knew would have meaning to you for the rest of your life, what would it be? and no, it doesn’t have to be a piece of my jewelry :-D

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