getting ahead of God…

patience is not my virtue. i’m trying but it’s a challenge. i’ve talked about the new lines i’m working on and being prayerful and intentional with my work. and God has been blessing me…. with resources and ideas and putting the right people in my path (or putting me in theirs, depending on how you look at it!) yet i’m still having issues. i’ve spent the morning reading & researching and finding no apparent solution. so then came the frustration and feelings of defeat……

you know that can go….

but i’ve at least learned to stop those thoughts in their tracks and turn to Him. i went to the study i’ve been working on as of late (more info on that tomorrow so be sure to come back by!) and this is what hit me:proverbs192

it is so cool when God speaks so directly and you actually get it, right?!?!

so here’s what i’m gonna do: nothing. i have a dream and i have an idea for a collection that i know comes from God. so He will make it what it should be in His time. and i have to learn that, recognize it and settle down ;-)

what do you do when you feel you’ve gotten ahead of God?


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