productivity makes me crazy….

to do are you productive? are you able to check items off your “to-do” list in an organized fashion? well, not me! some days, yes but most…..not so much. i begin with the best of intentions but, as i’m sure you know, life happens. unexpected phone calls - from well-meaning friends and family even though they know you’re supposed to be working (but we love them anyway *wink*), frozen or uncooperative computer programs, a sink full of dishes, illness…..

and there goes that “to-do” list. it’s that easy. and that’s when i start to feel a little crazed. when i start out on the right track and then, somehow, the train jumps the tracks, derails, creates mass casualties and shuts down the whole town. seriously. so now what?

the first thing i do is pray. for patience, for direction and even for sanity, if necessary. but what’s the next step? honestly, i’m not really sure. but i am learning to cut myself a little slack. count the seemingly small accomplishments as significant – and they are! maybe i have to take 15 or 20 minutes to unwind with a book but that doesn’t mean my day is shot. if i give my brain a teeny, tiny break i might have the strength to finish strong, ya know?

so what keeps you on track? how do you get it all done?

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