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petitesilverspinner 001my newest spinner ring! a petite silver band with copper – love this! perfect for guys and gals. at least i think so! i have a few other new pieces in the works but unfortunately, i don’t think they’ll make it to the shop before the holiday. but here’s what’s cool: hubby designed three of the pieces!! yay! i love family collaboration ;-)

and speaking of family collaboration, my niece is helping me out with some online marketing – it’s a family affair! super cool! i am so thankful for my family – they’re so supportive and many of their lives are grounded in Christ. huge help to me when i’m feeling weak. and when am i not?

okay, i’m doing the family dinner thing for Thanksgiving, cooking for eight people, so i may not get back before the holiday. don’t forget the black friday thru cyber monday sale – everybody gets the “friends and family" discount (20%!!) and after that, i’ll announce my plans for additional holiday deals.

so what are your plans for Thanksgiving? and what are you thankful for?

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