we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming…..

okay, i don’t usually post about this sort of stuff – i can barely keep up with my own stuff, let alone someone else’s buuuut……

have you heard of hautelook? it’s one of those “designer stuff on sale for cheap” websites. i’ve been a member for some time but i’ve never made a purchase – i can never seem to get my bank account on schedule with their sales. anyway……

they have a sale going on now: carole’s daughter. i’m such a huge fan of hers (lisa price) and her products so i wanted to give a shout out. get some really cool stuff like……


<<this ocean pampering set for $38.00




<<or this candy lip paint set for $12.00








so go shop! and they also have a wonderful selection of random house children’s books for great prices. i believe that it’s never too young for a child to have a huge library :-)

and we now return to our regularly schedule programming…….

ps: if you use this link then, yes, i get a credit. but really, who cares? just go get some good gifts ;-)


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