Changes are a-comin'.........

Long time, no post! I've got no excuses but I do have a bit of an announcement......Bonhomie Charms will be available here on my blog, coming soon! I'm doing a bit of experimenting with the layout and check out process - if my blog disappears for a bit, you'll know the reason why!!

Originally, my thought was to offer them locally only. I thought the number of customizable options would be a bit cumbersome for my etsy or 1000Markets shops. Hopefully, hosting the sale of my Bonhomie Charms here on my blog will give me more control in setting up the different options for a smooth ordering process. Currently I'm leaning toward the Google Checkout Store Gadget but I haven't ruled out a PayPal cart. Wish me luck - I'm hoping the next post will be the announcement of my new online offerings!

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