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Okay, first I'll start with my momentary lack of intelligence. I've written about three post since the last one.......where are they, you ask? On a draft blog I created with the intention of selling my charm necklaces. Fat lotta good that does you, right?

Long story (previously told to an audience of ZERO), the blog wasn't going to work out so I created a new website (yay, me!). My custom charm necklaces can now be purchased online at http://www.bonhomiejewelry.com/. At some point in time, I may move my blog over there but since I've just cleaned up my side bar - go ahead and look - I'll hang out here for a little bit. You'll notice that the top of my sidebar now features a permanent link to my Bonhomie Charms site. Well, what else? ;-)

And in other news........I've been giving some serious thought to my fall wardrobe. Jewelry design comes naturally to me but I can't put together an outfit to save my life! I admit with no shame a bit of shame that I've been checking out the Who.What.Wear videos to figure it all out. While deciding on my 'fall look' (which I'll probably never achieve - who has the time to go shopping!?!?!) I'm realizing that I'd like my jewelry to be a bit simpler than my most recent Couleurs line - though that line will work with some of my imagined fall outfits (I LOVE that line!!!). Mind you, simple doesn't mean lack-of-statement. At least not to me. So here's what I'm thinking:

My "Pebbles" collection - organic, natural, makes a statement without over-powering. Stack the rings, wear them alone.........I'm also going to add at least one necklace and maybe a bracelet. Speaking of bracelets, I've got some copper bangles in mind for the fall, too! So much to do!

So pop over to my new site, let me know what you think and give me some feedback on this new line - like, hate, don't care.......?? Either way, lemme have it!

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Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I LOVE the new website and the charms! Perfect!
I think copper, brass, and sterling mixed is a great combination for Fall. I love browns and black in my wardrobe,(if you could call tank tops and jeans a wardrobe!) and those look good with them.

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