Thank you!!

I'd like to say a very heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who participated in my Virtual Launch Party! It was more work than I expected but I am so glad that I did it and I really appreciate all the support and well-wishes!

I received some really great name suggestions for the "unnamed series". I'm not going to be able to choose between them. You've all really captured who I am and what I'd like my work to be with your names. That being said, I'm going to have hubby pick a name out of a hat and I'll let you know who wins!

And speaking of winning, we did have a winner for the scavenger hunt - technically there were two but the first passed her prize along to the next. More on that in a minute. Here were the clues and their locations -

Sapphire: Stars in the Sky Resin Necklace
Sea: Copper Waves Ring
Meadow: Garden Door Pendant
Fireworks: Trial by Fire Copper Drop Earrings
Rose: Petals Resin Necklace

Now you may be able to see the relations between the clue and it's location (if you care!). You might have also noticed that those clues were chosen to represent the colors in my new line. Okay, so on to the important stuff......

The recipient of the scavenger hunt award is Danna, the creator of This Little Piggy Bags. She's also a designer at Brazen Betties and I just love her bags. She's my first purchase as soon as my little man is out of diapers! Congratulations, Danna! As soon as you decide which piece you'd like, it's yours!

The first person who successfully completed the scavenger hunt was Stacie of Azoho - a fabulous jeweler herself. I'm guessing she passed on the prize because I know she's also going to be doing a bit of enameling pretty soon. Can't wait to see it! Stacie also put up an ad on one of her blogs promoting my launch party. Thanks, Stacie!

I need to say a special thanks to Jenny of JennyBunnyCreations - also a fabulous jeweler. She blogged, she twittered and she was one of the participants in "Name that Series". I really appreciate the help, Jenny!

Stay tuned for the announcement of the new name!


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

YAY! I tried the scavenger hunt, but I'm not good at that, so I'll just stick to jewelry making! LOL
Congrats on the great launch!

Stacie said...

Wishing you all the best with your gorgeous new line! You rock! ;-)

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