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EDITED POST: Since we haven't had any winners yet, I'm updating the clues. See below!!


Before I get to the scavenger hunt, let me just tell you that all the new pieces - with the exception of the series yet to be named - have been listed in my 1000Markets shop so discounts are available there, as well. Now............

I promised games so here we go!! We're gonna have a scavenger hunt with a bit of a twist. Here's what you need to know:

1. All of the items to be found are located in my Etsy shop but you'll have to search the listings!
2. You'll be looking for pictures of the items to be found.
3. Once you've found all the pictures, convo me via etsy or send me an email via my blog with the locations of the items (Don't post your answers in the comments - you may give something away!)
4. The first one to locate all the items correctly will win a piece of their choice in the color of their choice from the Couleurs Collection.

Here's the caveat: I've selected a few lines of poetry which contain the clue ;-) For example: roses are red, violets are blue..........you might be looking for a rose, you might be looking for a violet. Get it? The clue will always be a noun. And here's another hint: once you've figured out the clue, it will be hidden within a listing of a 'relevant' piece! So here are your clues:

1. How, from that sapphire fount the crisped brooks, Rowling on orient pearl and sands of gold….

2. The city and the sea, And momentarily, The breezes playing with the sunlit dust, On either slope a silence fell.

3. 'Twas my custom to stroll by a clear winding stream, With my boots full of dew from the lush meadow green.....

4. Something spontaneous, fluid: see the hand's unintended imprint on the shore, fireworks dissolving into the black sky....

5. O when her life was yet in bud, He too foretold the perfect rose.

5 items for 5 series! A free set of stacking rings is open to the next 4 purchasers of items from the new line. And don't forget: 10% off any other items in either shop - etsy or 1000markets - using code VLAUNCH. Lastly, the "Name that Series" game is still going on and the ideas so far are awesome! It'll be tough to pick a winner!

Now get to searchin!

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Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

i love the new colours series!

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