What's goin on.......with me!

I hate going so long between posts but I've been busy, busy, busy again! Fortunately, this time I've been busy at the bench and with promotions AND filling orders!! Yay!

So, let's see..........I'll be participating in a (very) small show in Woodbury - a school fundraiser - in a few weeks. I'm not expecting huge sales but it's a chance to get my name out there and test a new booth set up I have in mind in preparation for (trumpets!!).........my first juried show! Okay, that's provided I'm accepted but I was invited to apply by the event co-chair. It's the Gallery on the Green in Litchfield. Fingers crossed.......I've already applied for my tax ID and as soon as that arrives, I'll be sending in my photos!

What else..........oh! Gift certificates for my shop will be included in 150 Goodie Bags for a theater donor reception in New York! Hopefully that will draw some business and I'm supporting the arts at the same time!

I've been adding to my bench tools - thanks to my husband! Now I just need a real bench instead of the kitchen table!!

Last but not least.......I've been doing some work in copper sheet and copper wire. Here's a sneak peek:

My first spinner ring! I was inspired by Tammy over at Tammy's Treasure Chest.....such fun to make! Hopefully I'll get as good as her!


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

YAY! I love being an inspiration!
If you have any questions about anything, I'll be glad to help.
The ring is awesome!

Lenox Knits said...

I totally love that ring. Where will it be for sale?

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