New Market on 1000Markets..........

My work was accepted into a new Market at 1000Markets - the Jewelry Artisans Market! The members are wonderfully talented (as are all artisans at 1000Markets - it's a juried site. did I happen to mention that?) and every month (or so) JAM members will be challenged to create a 'themed' piece. The submissions will be posted on the JAM blog.

The first inspirational challenge is "Sunrise". I took the easy way out and submitted a piece already created. I'm finding that I'm not so great at thinking outside the box once I've already created a themed piece. What I mean is - since I've a series already entitled "Sunrise, Sunset", I couldn't get my mind to imagine anything else. I am very much looking forward to future challenges. I see this as a way to broaden my skills and my imagination.

Be sure to check out the JAM blog and the JAM Market! I am IN LOVE with 1000Markets!!

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Glasstastic Treasures said...

Hi, I am so in love with 1000Markets! It's just a beautiful website! What a great blog post :)

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