Artist Confessions - Melissa of AlwaysAdorable

Today we're talking to crafter Melissa of AlwaysAdorable - creator of art, dolls and tutus!! A very appropriate shop name, Melissa!

1. Your Name: Melissa

2. Shop Name: Always Adorable Boutique

3. Anyplace else your products can be seen? My blog and my new venture at Artfire.

4. Tell us one thing - as it relates to your craft - that would be surprising. Probably the most surprising thing that would be found about myself as a crafter would be that I have never been formally trained at any of my crafts. It all started with a box of crayons at the age of three. Since then I have devoured books and how-tos on the skills I wanted to learn whether it be painting, drawing, or sewing.

5. What's your favorite item? My most favorite item would have to be the Colorful Flower Letter Alphabet Print because it was the inspiration for starting my whole adventures in selling online. What's your least favorite item? Why? My least favorite item item is unfortunately the two-sided plush doll, Molly Marina. Boy was she a pill during the whole creation process. I had to redo her face twice!!!

6. Tell us about the mistakes you've made that have turned out well. Oh, there have been mistakes, but that is all part of learning a craft and becoming great at it! Usually every first item of a series whether it is a new doll, drawing, or painting is a test run. And I just rework it over and over until I love it. Nothing is so bad to me that it can't be saved.

7. Who's work - in your genre - do you envy? I envy with the utmost awe another painter from Etsy, Megan Aroon Duncanson, "MADART". Her paintings are mezmorizing and rich beyond belief.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to reach others and brighten their lives with a little bit of what I have to offer!

Thank you so much, Melissa! Don't forget to grab your button and readers, hop on over to her blog and let her know how adorable her work is!!


alwaysadorable said...

Thanks so much Kristie for the great feature!

Gee said...

Whew! Wish I have the talent to design stuff like this.

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