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I really love 1000Markets! I had my first sale there a few days ago and the transaction was very smooth. I really can't wait until the site is out of testing and live! (yes - you can join and you can shop. Only thing missing during this testing phase - as far as I can tell - is promotion)

I've decided to help that promotion along by featuring a few items each week. A few posts prior, I mentioned that I had been accepted to a new market at 1000Markets online sale venue. In keeping with the market theme - and to showcase the variety and specialties of 1000Markets - I'm going to do these features by market (in no particular order)!

Beginning with the Artist Collective Market, they're self-described as:

"Artists Collective began as a cooperative advertising campaign about a year ago for a few artists and myself. The original site can be found at http://www.artists-collective.com. Much like what the principle of how 1000 Markets was founded- that the sum is greater than the individual parts. We decided to pool our resources to purchase advertising space collectively. We could afford a larger ad together than what each individual artist could afford. Now a year later, we are expanding to 1000 Markets."

They've separated the artwork into categories: acrylic; oil; pastels, drawings, charcoal, etc.; and watercolor with media. Here are a few of my favorites - one from each category - from the Artist Collective Market:

"Through the Prism" Acrylic work by Amy Giacomelli, Fine Art by Amy Giacomelli (I've featured her before but I really do love her work!!)

"Phalaenopisis Orchid II" - Oil work by Kevin Aita, Aita Studios

"Contemplation - Man" - Graphite drawing by Reenie Kennedy, Originals by Reenie

"Spring Fever" - Watercolor by Rachel Parker, Fine Art by Rachel Parker

This should give you some incentive to head over to 1000Markets and shop around!! See you there!


rachelsstudio.com said...

Thank you so much for sharing my work here!

Lenox Knits said...

Gorgeous items! I got my ring the other day and I love it! So classic and cool all in one.
I agree that the only problem with 1000 markets is that no one knows it exists. I am seriously hopeful about it though.

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