Certificates, Stats and Changes....oh, my!

Let's start off with the exciting news........gift certificates are now available at my etsy shop and 1000Markets shop! Just in time for Valentine's Day. Guys, when you don't know what to choose get a gift certificate! She can pick out her own piece or even custom design something making it all the more special!

What else..........oh yes, I've made a few minor changes to my sidebar - I've organized the blogs I follow into categories and I've added an Entrecard Top Dropper widget. Which leads me to..........

Stats. Stats, stats and more stats. (WARNING: lots of talky-talky, blah, blah coming up!!)

One of my goals was to focus my advertising and I mentioned previously that I'd set up some advertising campaigns. Well, it doesn't do much good to set all this stuff up if you don't monitor the progress. I took a quick look at what's going on and, well frankly it gave me a headache. So I thought I'd share it with you 'cause that's what friends are for ;-)

I'll start with my 1000Markets shop since I don't have as much detail there. For those of you who don't know, 1000Markets provides some basic shop stats......a running 15-day graph of total page views and 2 weeks of total data on item views, total views vs. unique visitors. My highest number of views since my shop opened is 85 and that occurred on January 8th - the day I posted My Favorite Things. Makes sense. Over the past two weeks, my main page views come in at 205 visits/112 unique visitors and the most viewed item is my Industrial Age Earrings (didn't expect that!) at 27/20 followed by my Bubble, Bubble Circle Pendant at 27/17 and my Fallen Leaves Copper Necklace at 25/16. So, aside from my blog, where is this traffic coming from?

Right now I have 4 items published on CraftJuice which point to my 1000Markets shop: Words of Wisdom Pendant, Fallen Leaves Copper Pendant, Dichro Stacking Rings and Silver Wishbone Earrings. In addition, I have a Project Wonderful campaign running, linking to my 1000Markets shop. It was set for 1 week and is due to expire today. The ad ran on approximately 45 blogs with a total of 32,873 page views. I received 102 total clicks with a .31% click-thru rate and an average cost of $.03 per click.

Now on to my etsy shop. Did you guys know that etsy has added Google Analytics as a feature?? Very cool! Here's the Storque article if you missed it. The install was incredibly easy! I added GA to my etsy shop just a few days ago (January 8th, I believe) so there isn't much data yet. Since then, I had the most visits on January 10th (34). 58% of my viewers came from referring sites with Starving Jewelry Artists in the lead. 29% came from direct traffic (hmmmmm....I wonder if that's me. Anyone know if I can block my visits from the report???) 8% came from search engines and 3% came from "other" (not a clue). I can't tell which items were viewed most often...when I click on the page link, they all bring me to my main shop page. Aggravating. Now on to my etsy advertising.......

I have another Project Wonderful campaign running.......same time frame as the other. Total page views are 40,590 from approximately 40 blogs. 154 total clicks with a click-thru rate of .38% and an average cost of $.02 per click. In addition, I have a few items posted on "ThisNext" which you can see in the top of my sidebar.

Of course, there's the occasional "twitter" about both shops and some Facebook postings, also about both shops but I haven't been able to determine (yet) if they're having an impact. So what's it all mean? I have no idea. I told you, it gave me a headache. But at least I'm on top of it! Makes me feel much more proactive. Ignorant but proactive.

So how's your advertising?

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