Thursday Thirteen #5 - Goals

I realize it's early but I've been giving a lot of thought lately to my New Year's Resolutions. Honestly, I don't usually make any because I don't keep them ;-). However, I'm hoping to make a fresh start and here's how: instead of "resolutions", we'll call them "goals". They don't all have to begin on January 1st - some I'll work on now, others when I get the chance. No pressure, just productivity!! Here goes:

  1. spend more QUALITY time with my son;
  2. spend more QUALITY time with my husband;
  3. get back to church;
  4. write a business plan for my jewelry business AND my virtual assistant business;
  5. focus my advertising for both businesses;
  6. improve and maintain my own schedule;
  7. take on only as much as I can handle comfortably;
  8. find more time to spend with my friends;
  9. try to find more 'couple' friends;
  10. complete various home improvement projects;
  11. set up & stick to a budget;
  12. execute our wills; and
  13. purchase life insurance

And there it is in black & white! Make sure to check out other Thursday Thirteens here!


aliceaudrey said...

Excellent goals, although those last two might be a little gloomy.

Shannon H. said...

I agree that those are excellent goals.

How does one become a Virtual Assistant? That sounds like something I would be interested in.

Barbara said...

You have some great goals. I wish you success.

The Campbell Family said...

Great goals! I should write a list for myself...but I probably won't.

HandiCrafts said...

Good luck!

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