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Congratulations to all who survived the first round of holidays and in-laws. One down, two to go! I enjoy the holiday season but it can be stressful, even more so now that I'm a wife and mom. It seems the expectations rise about 100% with those titles!

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it used to be Hubby's tradition to put the tree up. I say "used to" because that's not happening this week! I'm still trying to catch up and resume my normal schedule. However, I did start working on the outside. He put up the lights and I managed to get one flower box done:

What do you think? I still have 2 large boxes to do in front of the picture window but it's a start. I also put big, red bows on the doors but need a few more to hang from the exterior light fixtures and 'porch' rails. This is causing me a dilema:

I had originally thought to fill it with pine cones but I'm not sure that will work. I also thought about ornaments...........suggestions, please!!!

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The Campbell Family said...

I LOVE the boxes, and the pinecone idea for the baskets sounds good to me along with some colorful plastic christmas balls. When are you coming here to decorate for me?

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