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Since I'm diving into the world of craft fairs (and hopefully jewelry shows!) I'm looking into a photo book of my work. I know I'll never have the kind of inventory others do - at least not until my son's in school - but I want to give buyers something to look at. Initially I thought of Shutterfly, Kodak or Snapfish but I was reading some reviews on Mixbook, LuLu, Blurb and Bookemon. Anyone else have a photo book or catalog? I'd be interested in hearing other's experiences with different vendors.

So I began browsing through my etsy photos and realized two things: 1) I got lucky with my earlier photos and 2) I need to retake a lot of photos. I began photographing my work with a Nikon Coolpix 4100. It's great for macro closeups but not so great with quickly moving toddlers. That camera bit the bullet when someone got it wet (okay, it was me) so I replaced it with a Canon PowerShot SD750. This camera ROCKS for kid photos and scenic shots. However, my point-and-shoot days for the jewelry are over and I'm going to have to make more of an effort. I found this tutorial from Vadjutka over on etsy about photographing jewelry and I found this tutorial from Strobist on setting up a homemade light box. When I find a couple of hours free, I'm gonna get to work!


Meaghan said...

stopping by to say hi from SITS!


Jason Qiu said...

Recommend bookemon
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It also don't need any download software, you can make your book online any place any time.

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