Is it just me???

Fellow crafters and artisans, help me out here. I was a bit down in the dumps today and I realized it was because I hadn't created anything in what felt like ages! Not for lack of ideas but for lack of stash. I just sold my soul to our oil company so I'd been holding off on my supply order. Today I bit the bullet because I've got (my first!!) craft shows coming up. Here's my issue........

I LITERALLY spend hours trying to place my orders. Yes, orders. As I previously inferred, we're pretty rural out here which really limits my instant gratification satisfaction. Supplies must be ordered online. But. I can never find one online source for all my supplies. Of course, I have a compulsive need to find the best deals and get the most bang for my oh-so-limited buck (who doesn't nowadays??) so impulse shopping has become a distant memory. Why, oh, why can't I find everything I need with one vendor?? Rio came close. Sorta. I suppose it will get easier as I'm able to really increase my stock but seriously? Two hours to order supplies??? From three different places? There must be something wrong with me.

So you tell me - which vendor is my best option? Is there someone, somewhere that I don't know about?

Hopefully all my goodies will arrive soon so be on the lookout for new stuff. Yay, me!

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Grand Pooba said...

Sorry I'm not much help in the crafty department! I just thought I'd stop in to say hello. I'm new to SITS and I saw your comment on today's feature.

Love your blog!

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