difficult decisions..........

you may have noticed that it's been SOME TIME since i've posted
(or maybe you didn't notice. no matter)

i've been in the process of making some decisions.
after prayer and  a good 'ol heart to heart with myself, i've decided to let go of creating jewelry.
you can read a bit more about that decision here.

i'm not closing down my site (for now). BUT it will no longer be my focus.
anyone can contact me for a custom order.
i'm sure i'll still make pieces for gifts (to myself AND others!!)
but i think this season has passed and it's time to begin something new.

i'm so grateful to all of you who have supported me and encouraged me.
i love everyone i've met through this journey.
i won't be blogging here any longer.....i hope y'all will come visit me over at my new blog:

i don't expect things will change too much - just a new focus.

some come visit and leave me some love over there - i wouldn't want to miss your visit!!


new pieces.........{spirit charms}

my best friend's boys play a few different sports and she approached me about creating some "spirit charms" - charms representing the sports they play and the teams they're a part of. 
i gotta admit, i was hesitant. i am NOT a sports fan. at all. 
she insisted that these charms would be huge among her team mom friends - though, of course i would have made them just for her - but i really wasn't seeing it.

here are the designs i came up with - lacrosse & football at her request, based on their team logos:

and apparently, she was right ;-)
huge hit.
so if you have a son or daughter devoted to sports, send me an email - i'd love to see what kind of design we could come up with!

in other news, i've been very (happily) busy with bonhomieEVENTS!
i've posted a few more galleries of recent parties so take a look and tell me what you think!


lots of stuff goin' on.......

i've been a busy-yet-absent-little beaver, lest you think i was ignoring you! that wasn't the case - i really have missed you all and i've been thinking about you quite a bit :-)

i suppose you're dying to know what's kept me so busy so i'll share with you....

first, the inspired collection has launched! i love every.single.design!


second, the bonhomie bridal suite has also launched! custom wedding logos that can be used on invitations, place cards, calling cards, favors...or translated into timeless jewelry pieces!


i'm so excited about these collections! but there's more..............


yes, i've also launched an event planning service. i don't know that i've ever shared this with you but way back when, it was my intention to go into the wedding planning business. i'd had quite a bit of experience with corporate event planning in previous jobs, i'd worked on the production end of countless pageants and shows and i'd helped out a number of friends with their weddings. i had SUCH a fabulous time planning my friend's baby shower and i have SO MANY ideas for any number of other celebrations and - as usual - hubby has been so supportive. he's even helping out with design ideas and prop construction for a birthday party we have coming up :-)

i'd love it if you'd pop by the new site and give me some feedback.......maybe even say "hey" on my new facebook page, please?

so with that being said, i may continue to be a bit scarce over here but i will show up from time to time!

it's friday (one month and two days since i last posted - wow!) and i think this is the first weekend in a while where we have nothing scheduled.

how about you? what are your weekend plans?

ps: have you signed up for my newsletter? (in the sidebar) no? you should - a special surprise will be coming shortly :-)


fab finds.....{jennasue designs}

i mentioned how excited i am about my inspired collection.
i am so in love with the designs!
honestly, i really had no idea i had that in me.
yes, they're simple - but so sweet!
and exactly what i had in mind for this collection.
just goes to show - even when you think you can't, give it a try.
ya never know what'll happen :-)

the creator of the font on my inspired pieces is a wonderful artist, jenna sue
as soon as i saw it, i knew it was perfect and i was even more thrilled to find out she does beautiful print work
i thought i'd share a few of my faves......


she's also the author of a blog full of fabulous design & diy projects!
so please stop by and show her some love!

find jenna sue:

etsy / web site / blog


real life......{lets catch up}

hey, y'all!
i've been out of the loop for a bit so i thought it would be nice to catch up :-)

let's see........we had a couple weeks of illness
and car trouble :-/

i've been planning a baby shower for a friend
i would LOVE to give you a peek but she reads my blog :-)

i'm diligently working on getting the new collections together....
i've had some set backs but i've also had some blessings
it seems to take me so long to convert my ideas into actual products
we've talked about this before, i think.
sometimes i think i sabotage myself out of fear
fear of failure, maybe?
i don't know....what do you think?

but i CAN give you a peek at the progress of the inspired collection:

i'm so proud of my designs.......each one is created by me :-)
i'll be photographing the collection today so hopefully it will be live soon!

hubby's birthday is tomorrow (happy face!)...
my birthday is next week (sad face!)....
i do have something up my sleeve but since he might read this, i can't share that either ;-)

so what have you been up to?
any plans for the weekend?

what have you been up to lately?


encouraging words wednesday...{patience}

i was never really a patient person.
and then i became a mama.
you mamas know, once that little one comes along, you have no choice.
little man has taught me to be patient...
in most things.

now, as i struggle to become the godly woman He wants me to be,
i work to be patient in all aspects of my life
but the hardest for me is waiting on the Lord.


now, i know that whatever He has planned for me will far exceed even my wildest dreams.
following God's plan for our lives only leads to good.
so you'd think that waiting on Him would be easy for me....

i don't know why.
but i struggle with this on a daily basis.
i feel as though i'm constantly running ahead.
forever saying "oops! sorry God - okay, i promise, i'm right here until you tell me go"
then i'm off again, not sure if it was Him who said go or my own impatience.

i am so grateful that He forgives me time and time again.
that He has patience with me.
that He leads me gently to where He wants me to be.
and then there's peace.
and joy.

thank you, Lord.


pinterest...{good, bad & best}

it's time for another review of my pinterest boards!
(you can read the first one here)
i've actually got one pinterest project going on right now....
too soon to share my thoughts but i'll try to remember it for next time :-)

baked wonton cups

you might recall the back-to-school brunch party i hosted
these were one of the items on the menu
(actually, the entire menu was created with pinterest finds!)
the presentation is gorgeous and they're so easy to make
instead of the fresh dill, i used capers.
now, i LOVE smoked salmon. so that's gonna get an automatic 'thumbs up' from me
BUT.....it's really easy to overcook the wonton wrappers (especially for me :-p)
they're pretty bland and tend to get soggy if they've been sitting for even a short period.
but i'd definitely make them again.
my score: GOOD

lemon meringue moisturizer

i tried this one over the holiday
my plan was to included this in the gift basket for my sister & sister-in-law
i really wanted this to work - it looks so good in the picture!
sadly, it was an epic failure for me :-(
now, it could be the fault of my 'blender' (actually a "magic bullet" that's seen better days)
or it could be my lack of patience - i may not have blended long enough...
my score: BAD

printing on burlap

yet another gift for the sis & SIL
(pinterest...my inspirational source!!)
this came out beautifully!!
i really wish i had remembered to take a picture.
i had a bit of trouble finding freezer paper since i don't usually shop in traditional grocery stores
(aldis & target all the way)
instead of framing the signs, i mounted the printed burlap directly onto a canvas
my score: BEST

*disclaimer: any opinion stated here is no reflection on the validity/accuracy of the project/recipe. obviously, someone was able to accomplish it successfully :-)

do you have any pinterest projects going on now?
how's it going?

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