difficult decisions..........

you may have noticed that it's been SOME TIME since i've posted
(or maybe you didn't notice. no matter)

i've been in the process of making some decisions.
after prayer and  a good 'ol heart to heart with myself, i've decided to let go of creating jewelry.
you can read a bit more about that decision here.

i'm not closing down my site (for now). BUT it will no longer be my focus.
anyone can contact me for a custom order.
i'm sure i'll still make pieces for gifts (to myself AND others!!)
but i think this season has passed and it's time to begin something new.

i'm so grateful to all of you who have supported me and encouraged me.
i love everyone i've met through this journey.
i won't be blogging here any longer.....i hope y'all will come visit me over at my new blog:

i don't expect things will change too much - just a new focus.

some come visit and leave me some love over there - i wouldn't want to miss your visit!!

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