encouraging words wednesday...{strength}

today, i am tired y'all.
like bone weary, feet dragging, mind numbing kinda tired.
and i don't know why.

i didn't want to post today.
my thought was to put up a video of some inspirational song and be done with it.
after all, no one really reads this, right?

but i realized it was satan talking.
trying to bring me down.
sap my creative energy when i'm on a roll.
discourage instead of encourage.

so here i am.
still tired.
but that's okay.
if only one person gets something out of this then i am overjoyed.
if i begin my day and rely on the strength of the Lord instead of my dried up reserves, He will see me through and i will accomplish more than i ever dreamed i could.


encouraging words with bonhomie

i'm editing this post about 1 hour later to say.....

i added 2 songs to my workout playlist today:
jump rope

i got through it with a smile on my face and i even went a bit longer.

see what God can do?!?!

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