{custom designs...}

you know i've been busy working on two new collections but i've also had some custom orders i thought i'd share with you!

these were actually a couple of orders i had over the holiday....

this is my second year providing a custom charm to the titleholders in the petite america pageant system - run by a good friend of mine ;-)

here's one of the wedding logos i've created to be a part of the "bonhomie bridal suite"......

and here it is translated into a custom charm - along with 2 others i created :-)

and here's a mixed metal necklace - bronze with copper. i'm REALLY loving the bronze - you'll see much more of it in the "bonhomie bridal suite" and in the "inspired" collection.

many people don't realize that when i say i do custom work, i really do mean custom!

so if there's something you've been looking for and just can't find - bonhomie jewelry may be your answer!

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