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i didn't sleep well last night. lingering cold symptoms & disturbing dreams made for lots of tossing & turning. and i don't know about you but, sometimes those feelings of unrest follow me throughout the day.Link

i really wasn't interested in giving up a good day so i began with my bible, my devotionals and then some blogs.

i'm so thankful that i did!

jess at naptime diaries has a guest post by jenna of truthcards. her words really resonated with me and the reminder soothed my soul.

both natalie (ns pottery) and kenye (glow kouture) recently wrote some posts on keeping your inspiration & motivation - really helpful

speaking of inspiration, i've been seeing lots of blog & website redesigns, both of which i'm in dire need might be a nice change. oh my! handmade goodness has a giveaway going on for a boutique mama gift certificate.

and i don't recall how but i came across rena tom's site. do you know her? she's got lots of helpful advice for creatives in business but what i really like are the free worksheets she offers. these will really help me focus and move ahead (rather than in circles!!)

i gotta say, i am so thankful for the wisdom, inspiration and guidance that i've found this morning. God has a way of getting you out of your rut, if you let Him ;-) my outlook for the day has completely turned around (the cold still lingers but that's another issue)

what are you thankful for today?

i'm linking up with sarah at the fontenot four.

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