{new year blogging party!}

remember that blogging party/gift exchange i mentioned a few weeks ago?
well, it was awesome!!

i was paired with amy of life's jewelry box. some cool things about amy & this pairing?
we're both from connecticut
we're both in the jewelry business
she recently earned herself a free vacation!!
she's beautiful
she's mama to 2 beautiful girls
she's crafty :-)

amy is so sweet and really put some thought into the goodies she sent me :-)


dark chocolate (yes!), some pretty note cards, a rug mug for my favorite beverage (coffee, what else??), a hand crocheted heart garland - sooooo adorable (and incentive to FINALLY take down my christmas tree. yup. you heard right), and a GORGEOUS scarf!!!

amy, thank you so much!! this truly brightened my day more than i can tell you :-)

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