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i don’t have a specific topic to post today. instead i thought i’d share some random info about me and my family, progress on some tasks/goals that i’ve set, etc…..

WAAAAY, way back i mentioned that hubby went back into business for himself. in that same post i listed some goals, one of which was to finish his web site. as little man would say “TAH TA”! six months later (!!!), it’s done.

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i’ve said it so many times you must be sick of hearing it by now but my husband really is incredibly supportive. i, on the other hand, really have to work on being a helpmate to my husband. i was a very selfish person for many, many years. incredibly independent. but God has brought us together to work as a team and i’m ashamed to admit that i often drop the ball in that respect. i’m going to commit myself to improving in this area.


i am hugely excited for this weekend! tomorrow i’m off to the women of faith conference in hartford, ct with 4 close friends. last year it was only 2 of us and we drove up & back each day. this year we’ll be staying in town and shuttling to the conference from the hotel. i’m looking forward to getting recharged and inspired by His word. it is such an awesome experience to be surrounded by so many jesus girls! is anyone else going?



and speaking of God, he’s really been working with me – inspiring me, motivating me…..it feels so good to be working right there, exactly where God wants you to be, ya know? i’m so excited to see what He’s going to do. i will be bold in the Lord with my business :-) i’m hoping to have lots of stuff to announce in the coming week!

how is God moving you lately??

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