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as you can imagine, getting behind on the daily chores means my list of things to do grows exponentially. lemme tell ya, santa’s list has got nothin on mine! i felt like i was progressing at a pretty good pace until we were nudged off course and i’m feeling like i’ll never catch up. spending the past couple of mornings taking a look at my journal - seeing where i started and thinking about where i’d like to be, i realize that it’s time to buckle down.

with that in mind, you all are gonna be my accountability partners. i’m going to make a list of the top 10 things i MUST get done (and why!!) and y’all can hold me to it. deal?

checklist 1. start working on quickbooks. (nope, haven’t done that yet). since hubby’s now in business for himself full-time and that income is our main source of income, i decided to be a grown up and meet with an accountant. since the difference between giving him our tax info as a quickbooks file and giving him our tax info on a spreadsheet is about $500 or so, i’ll go with quickbooks. just gotta decide if we’re going to purchase the software or use the online version. short story made way too long, i need to call them and figure out which would best meet our needs.

2. make some hard decisions about my etsy shop. sounds kinda backwards but i’m considering putting my shop on vacation. i really want to concentrate on expanding & promoting my charms. i’m finding it difficult to focus on my artisan pieces because i’m not getting as much joy in their creation as i used to. since my time is limited, i’d rather not spend it working on something that’s not as enjoyable if i don’t have to. thoughts?? am i crazy?

3. i MUST figure out what i’m going to do to get into shape (and stay that way!). it’s beginning to affect how i feel about myself. yes, the Lord loves me regardless of what i look like. and no, my self-worth is not based upon my appearance. but i know i can do better so i need to make it a priority. otherwise, it ain’t never gonna happen! ;-)

4. even more important, hubby and i need to start setting aside time alone with one another. for us, it’s become easier to just do everything as a family since it’s difficult to find (and afford!) a babysitter and little man isn’t too keen on the idea anyway. but that doesn’t do our marriage any good and, in turn, it won’t do the little man any good in the long run if he doesn’t have the example of a loving, Godly partnership.

5. along with the quickbooks is gonna have to come a better handle on budgeting. now that our income isn’t regular, i need to learn to put away for what has to be paid in the future. thankfully, i have a few friends who’s husbands are also self-employed so i know i can get some tips from them.

6. i need a daily chore chart. sad, i know. but when schedules get crazy, the first thing to go is the housekeeping. then when i do have a chance to tidy up, the task has snowballed into an all day event. if i do a little at a time, consistently, perhaps i can get a handle on this.

7. now that my website is (basically) finished, i need to finish my husband’s. he got his new business cards, yard signs & vehicle magnets. now i have to get the site up!

8. ENROLL MY SON IN SWIMMING LESSONS!! i missed them last year. this year, it appears that i’ve already missed the spring session. he loves to go ‘swimming’ in our uncle’s pool next door but i don’t feel safe going bringing him when he doesn’t know how to swim. especially when he believes he already knows how. dangerous.

9. set up some advertising for my charms. i had begun some blog advertising and giveaways and i was really happy with the results but i didn’t keep up with it. gotta get that back on track!

10. i’d like to make more of an effort to get my charms in some brick & mortar shops. that’s going to mean putting together a catalog of my custom charms and ordering enough supplies to have the more ‘ready-to-wear’ pieces available for wholesale purchase.

so. that’s it. that’s a pretty big list so i’m not really sure how to track my accountability but i’m sure you guys will come up with something ;-)

what kind of goals have you set and what can i do to help?

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