real life....{holiday plans...}

the holiday season is upon us!

this phrase keeps running through my head....i'm not sure if i'm hearing it as a joyous announcement or a cry for help but there it is.

just kidding! seriously, this time of year is usually a big 'ol bundle of stress for me but this year i'm surprisingly calm. despite the fact that i've yet to do the grocery shopping for the 10 guests who will descend upon our house in two days. and despite the fact that a big announcement i'd been hoping to make probably will not be forthcoming. and despite the fact that the value of the items on little man's christmas list has increased exponentially....

despite it all. should i be concerned? i'm pretty sure my husband is thinking that this is the calm before the storm (by the way, hubby's link will bring you to his new blog - good stuff, must read!)

but ya know what? it's all good. and that is TRULY a God-thing cuz I am typically the queen of stress. how awesome is that?

now, that's not to say that i'm not busy and maybe slightly behind in preparations (as noted above) and promotions and cleaning, etc. so this will be a short post.

before i go, be aware the i will be participating in the "black friday/cyber monday" events - and no, that doesn't mean i'll be standing in line in the dark at some big store (though lets not rule that out - like i said, i'm a bit behind so i have no idea what i might need to buy!)

what i mean is i will be having a sale! 20% off everything in my etsy artisan shop AND in my bonhomie charms shop! details will follow in my "black friday" post.

and make sure you stop by here on thanksgiving day, if only for a hot minute, cuz i'll have a special surprise for you :-)

so, what are your holiday plans?

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