encouraging words wednesday....{thankful}

wow, right?

i first saw this about a month ago and it struck me immediately. during this time of national thanksgiving, it's pretty easy to remember to be thankful. but are we thankful everyday? are we thankful for everything?

i haven't been, i know that.

but i've been working on it. i've been drawing closer to the Lord and as a result, i've been able to life my life with God's perspective instead of my own. i'm learning how to be thankful through good and bad. granted, there is nothing in my life at present that presents a true challenge. however, it's my hope that thanking Him at all times and for all things will become who i am so when i do encounter extreme difficulty, i'll cling to Him without forethought or reminder.

each day, when i'm beginning my time with Him, i've been jotting down 5 things i'm thankful for that day. oddly enough, with all that we have, it's not always easy to come up with 5 because i'm trying not to list the same things everyday. it's causing me to notice all the little things He does for us.

and that's really cool.

i'm going to continue this practice....beyond thanksgiving, until it becomes second nature to me.

will you join me?

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