let’s talk business….{again}

since i’ve got lots of ideas floating around in my head and a few projects in the works, i thought this would be a good time to share my business direction with you for two reasons:

1. to get your feedback. as a jewelry artist, i try to put out designs that reflect who i am BUT i’m not the one buying. often times (ok, ALL the time!) i’m guessing about what might work. so input from other business owners and customers – current and future – is invaluable. i’d like my designs to be a combination of what you want to wear and what i want to create. does that make sense?

2. to keep me accountable. life has a way of getting in the way. i sometimes get sidetracked and what i intended to do doesn’t get done when i wanted it done. now, if that’s what God sees fit then it is what it is, right? but i find that if i put my plans to paper and show the world, i’m more apt to stay on schedule. ya feel me?

in my previous business post, i mentioned that it may be time to close my etsy shop. well, i haven’t done it yet. why? i’m not really sure. i’m wondering if it may be a good idea to keep it open through the holidays. since it’s already october, i don’t think that gives me as much time as i’d need to get my charms site marketed the way it should be for holiday sales. thoughts?

and speaking of holiday sales, i really dropped the ball last year. this year, i plan to promote more and i’ll be adding a few more pieces – for men, too! aaaaand…..i’m gonna try my hand at a home trunk show. i’m not entirely positive it’s going to come together. a friend will be hosting and i’m certainly not going to pressure her – it’s a busy time of year for everyone! but i need to put in place a back up plan. MAYBE a holiday show somewhere but finding the right one is a bit tricky. we’ll see.

also in the earlier business post, i was wondering if i should move the couleurs line from etsy over to my site. i still think that will be the plan eventually but i’ll be reworking the line a bit. that line was intended to be a fun, mid-price point collection. since the the price of EVERYTHING skyrocketing, i’m making some changes: ring bands will now be copper but they’ll be adjustable which will allow me to have a larger selection for any shows i do this holiday season. i’m actually kinda excited about that! i’m experimenting with new colors and a new technique. and to go along with the new technique, i’ll have some new designs. i’ve really been groovin’ on those big, statement rings so it will be something like that.

the last update i’ll share with you is actually something you’ve already heard but i’m gonna keep sayin it until it’s done. (accountability, remember?) i’m still working on some pieces who’s sale will benefit a couple of charities. these will be charms – hand stamped but not personalized – and the stamps will be handcarved by me. which would be the cause of the delay. the designs have been finalized but my skills need a bit of work. and i still haven’t decided on which organizations i’d like to support, though i’ve narrowed down the causes. i’m hoping that each charm will be available in copper, silver and silver & gold.

oh, and speaking of copper (last update, i swear!), i also have in the works a copper wrap bracelet. hard to describe but my test piece has gotten a lot of positive feedback so i think it will be a go. hopefully, i’ll have that in time for the holidays, also.

okay, wow. i have a lot to do! off to the bench now :-)

shop owners, how do you prepare for the holidays? and shoppers, what are you looking for this holiday season?

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