encouraging words wednesday….{move!}

i need to begin this post by saying that i am so grateful for God’s word. i try to begin everyday reading my devotionals and my bible – some quiet time with Him to get my day off on the right track.

right now, i’m working on my verse memorization so that His word is always with me in difficult situations. but sometimes words just aren’t enough – for me, anyway.

now words set to music?? that’s my thing! i’m a musical kinda gal and the right song can move me like nothing else. the lyrics stay with me, as they do with most people. btw, my son received as a gift a wonderful cd of bible verses set to music by seeds family worship. he loved it and i loved it – not just for the kiddos, ya know? AWESOME way for families to learn scripture.

so, after i wrote yesterday’s post about my business ‘plan’ (i use that term loosely. more like a business idea), i realized that there was quite a bit to do. i don’t know about you but when i see a long list of things to do, i get a bit overwhelmed. when i get overwhelmed, i tend to shut down. “i can’t figure out where to start, it seems as though i’ll never accomplish it all so why bother” sorta deal. ever feel that way?

i know that if God has set it on my heart then there is a way for me to accomplish amazing things. more than i could ever imagine.

and sometimes, most times, a song helps. there’s a reason God made people with vocal talent ;-)


this song says it all. i am motivated and ready to accomplish all God has set forth before me. amen!

what’s moving you today?

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