real life…{living room update}

i believe i’ve mentioned a time or two this mythical living room update that i’m attempting (umm here, here & here. geesh! stop talking about it and just do it already!!)

well, for your information, the transformation has begun! i actually made the pillow covers that i mentioned here (easy-peasy and they came out fab!)

hubby and i have chosen our wall decals AND i redid the mantle. (before & after pics to come when the room is complete).

but the BIG deal (for me, anyway) is the photo wall. here is my inspiration:


now, i don’t have any professional photos of us (though that’s gonna change soon – but that’s another post) so i tried to do my best with my fabulous new camera. also, i’m not smart enough to take photos with a composition suitable for a square crop so mine will be 8x10 (or 5x7 – have to lay it out on the wall and see).

anyway, after much editing, i’m still afraid to send them to the printer. these photos will be the focal point of our living room (aside from the tv, of course *grin*) for some time. that’s huge – at least in my mind! so i wanted to get your opinion:

lr collage

bear in mind, the square cropping eliminates a bit of detail from the original photo.

so? what do you think?

good choices? how’s the arrangement? how’s the color on your screen?

feedback welcome & appreciated!

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