real life…..{busy, busy!}

hey, y’all! my appearance here has been – and might continue to be – a bit sketchy this week. i’ve been busy attending to health, hearth, home & business!

hubby has had some free time lately so we’ve been trying to take advantage of time without the little man (very cool!) and allergies are kickin’ my butt lately (not so cool!)

i’ve been squeezing in a little design time and business planning so i’m hoping to have some exciting announcements coming your way really soon……

…and speaking of, i’m wondering: if i added a men’s collection, what type of pieces would you like to see?

please stop over to natalie’s blog “ns pottery”! she did a small feature on me AND there’s a nice, little goodie in it for ya!

and have you seen nat’s work? she’s got some beautiful pottery that i’ve got in mind for some christmas gifts. for instance, i’m pretty sure little man’s teacher and my sister would love this. and my other sister would be ever-so-grateful if i bought her this. and i know my mother-in-law would love this. my bff needs this. and i just realized – all of these would be awesome in some themed gift baskets!! yay – i just started my christmas list :-)

i promise, things will get back to normal soon. i hope. actually, i pray!

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