fab finds…{love to learn}

i’ve always been a curious, self-sufficient sorta girl. when i want to know how to do something, my first instinct is “google it”! do you know how much stuff you can learn online?

okay, yeah. most of you do know. but i still think it’s pretty cool!

here are some of my faves:


learn how to carve your own stamps! might be using this one later today....


self portraits. this is one i really need to work on!


and this one, too - tips on getting yourself in the family photos


you can make your own febreze and save a bit of $$ at the same time. i did this, by the way. not too bad!


you can learn how to dye glass - how cool is that?!?!


even make your own farmhouse table! ambitious but not beyond the realm of possibility ;-)

what's the best tip, trick or tutorial you've found online?

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