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i’ve been a bit remiss in my inspiration workshop postings! i know i missed some really good prompts but it’s never too late to get back in the game!

shopping. BIG stress reliever for me (sad, isn’t it??). i should edit that to say shopping without hubby and son is a big stress reliever for me! and it’s a well known fact that my vacation destinations must include good shopping, good food and an ocean. so this prompt is kinda easy….



ikea is definitely on the top of the list. the closest is about 45 minutes away (and the ocean is right across the street – holla!) so i try to make a day trip of it. their motto is “affordable solutions for better living” and it’s sooo true! my current ikea obsessions include this sink – the first i’ve found that will fit the tiny dimensions in our guest bath - and this kitchen (i tried to link to a particular selection in their slide show. don’t know if it will work but, honestly, i’ll take any of their kitchens!). they have such clever organizational tools & furnishings – perfect for a small house like ours. have you been?



i L.O.V.E me some christmas tree shop! again, closest one is about 45 minutes out but close to ikea :-D perfect excursion! it’s kinda hit or miss with what you’ll find but i’ve never had any trouble finding an item advertised in their flyer (though once, i did end up with the last one!!) i can’t leave the Cape without a visit to CTS and that’s where i purchased most of the little knick knacks for my living room update. post will be forthcoming, as soon as it’s finished ;-)



target. DEFINITELY my go-to store. cute clothes, great housewares. and now that they’ve expanded their grocery section, it’s one-stop-shopping which really makes me happy!


looking at maggie’s post, i really wish there were some local shops i could fall in love with. that’s not to say there aren’t any – i just haven’t found them yet! i think i may add some exploring to my to-do list.

so what’s your favorite shop?

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