real life….{weight loss challenge}

time for another update on our challenge! you already know that neither hubby nor i are very patient as evidenced by the fact that we’ve already purchased what were to be our rewards. but we haven’t given up!

good news: hubby lost 7 pounds!

bad news: i didn’t. the scale hasn’t changed. but hubby has a theory: he says that he started this whole thing already having some muscle mass whereas i did not. he’s losing fat and so am i but i’m also building muscle. or something like that. whatever it is, i’m just gonna go with it.

i’ve been doing okay with the workouts though i could be doing much better. the week of little man’s birthday, i didn’t work out at.all. i’m trying to alternate between the elliptical and my zumba dvd. when i’m on the elliptical, i’m averaging about 2 1/2 miles. i find that i do better at getting my workout in when i get up earlier. gotta work on that!

our eating habits have been pretty miserable. we’re doing better with portion size but, other than shopping for carnival food, i haven’t been to the grocery store. there’s been lots of eating out and ordering in. not good.

despite my less-than-stellar behavior, i am fitting into clothes that i previously couldn’t wear and i’m feeling much better about myself & my appearance. both my energy level and my stamina have increased.

so i’d say that’s a good thing :-)

i’m still looking for recipes. what’s your favorite go-to healthy meal?

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