fab finds….{say cheese!}

i did it! i’m so excited! my dslr camera is on it’s way to me as i speak type. hmmm? what was that? why, yes, it was supposed to be my reward if i won the weight loss challenge. nope, the challenge isn’t over yet. so why have i already purchased the camera? i’ll tell you why: you may recall that hubby’s reward choice was a set of golf clubs. well, turns out he already bought them. two months ago. feeling badly for not telling me, he said i should go ahead and get the camera now (yay!) but now we need another reward ;-)

aaanyway……….in honor of my new camera, i’ve picked out some goodies to go along with it:

camera collage

1. print by aisletoaloha
2. handcarved stamp by brownpigeon
3. mini camera soaps by loveleesoaps
4. camera strap by sizzlestrapz
5. camera charm necklace by arete
6. camera bag by porteengear (this was a custom listing for someone but it’s my favorite!!)
7. pixie camera thank you cards by emilyanndesigns
8. vintage camera photo blocks by susannahtucker

hopefully i’ll be using my new camera to take pictures of the new pieces i’ve been working on!!

i choose a sony – what kind of camera are you using?

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