encouraging words wednesday::brave

do you have a dream? a desire that you can feel with all your being? something you work toward, plan for…….? i do. i’ve mentioned many times that i’d like to be a successful jewelry artist. and by success, i mean “meaningfully contribute to my family’s financial support through a means which i thoroughly enjoy”. and i sincerely believe that God has put me on this path. the talent comes from Him so it only makes sense, right? so i’m taking steps to accomplish my dream and follow His path. but it’s scary. i’m moving into unchartered territory. the next steps of building my business involve risk. yikes!

most often, my fear takes the form of procrastination. but God doesn’t want me to be fearful. He wants me to be faithful to Him……to trust in Him. especially when i’m the most afraid. and I think that’s when i’ll see Him most clearly – when i step off the cliff and into His arms. He wants me to be brave. and so i shall (though i’m sure i’ll need some reminders, prodding & coaxing every now and then!!) i will trust in Him and have faith in Him. i will bravely go where i’ve not gone before. as Joel Osteen writes “it’s not where you are that matters; it’s where God can take you.”

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