been so long….

“….i’m missin’ ya baby…” no, fer real. i’ve been missing my business, being productive and proactive….obviously, i’ve been a bit out of touch. since i lost my mom, it’s been difficult getting into the swing of things. seems that once something knocks me off my game, it takes me a while to get back in!

first and foremost thank you so much to all of you out in blog land who sent me their good wishes – it really was so appreciated! forgive me for not responding to your comments but i will get to them!

you’ll be happy to know that my mind has still been on my business and, over the past few days, i’ve (finally!) been active at the bench! i have a couple of surprises for you but pictures will have to wait until later in the post. i’ve also been doing some thinking – haven’t come to any conclusions yet but here’s what i’ve been considering:

putting my ebay shop on a bit of a hiatus – i’ve enjoyed each and every piece i’ve created but i think i’ve come to a design standstill with my artisan pieces. i’m thinking that any further progress is going to require some real training and that just isn’t in the cards at the moment. my heart is pulling me toward my bonhomie charms…..

suspending my blog for a little while? or taking it in a new direction? or finding some direction?? there are two female artisans (lisa leonard & maggie whitley) who’s blogs really stand out in my mind as purposeful, relevant, enjoyable and useful (okay, there’s a whole lot more but i want to keep this post relatively short) but each are very different. i’m not sure how to get to that place but i think i’d like to continue to try….i think.

i’ve also been giving some thought to a collaboration with an artist i greatly admire (i’ll give ya the deets when it’s a bit more official) and some SERIOUS marketing campaigns. my very awesome niece is working with me on marketing – at least for now – so i’ll have some help.

anyhoo………..here’s a sneak peak of what i’ve been working on:



a “one word” bracelet in silver! i’m sad to say that the copper clay has been giving me trouble. until i can find a solution, the copper will no longer be available – but i’m still keeping the silver because it’s just so beautiful!!





i know, right?!?! not a charm in sight! but i’m really loving this process and the colors! it also layers nicely with the charm necklaces and it’s pretty portable which means i don’t have to be at the bench so that means i could (theoretically) multitask which means a lower price point. yay! i’m still experimenting with color combinations, beading cord, crimp beads vs crimp bead covers, etc. beaders, feel free to chime in here!





sneakpeekmonogramand my newest favorite: my monogram medallion! there’s approximately 4 different varieties, give or take, of lettering. instead of the cord you see here, i’ve decided on a long leather lariat. super cool and i’m very excited about it!

so keep an eye on my site for the new pieces and on my blog for new…….well, news. i’m not sure when i’ll post again or what i’ll post about but i will be back and we’ll figure out this blog-thing together. sound good? oh, and also – coming soon are a few new designs to add to my “words of faith” collection!

oh, and tell me: of the three pieces i’ve previewed here, which is your fave?

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