i’ve spent the past few days hangin out with the little man – he caught the stomach bug that was making the rounds in our house, poor thing. i tell ya, when he’s feeling good, i would pay big money for him to sit and be still for an hour or so. but when he’s sick, that stillness just breaks my heart.

anyway, i had a lot of downtime so i decided to use that time preparing for the new charms comin down the pike (didn’t i mention that the new line will be a part of bonhomie charms? no? oops!). i have at least 5 designs sketched out for the “Words Of Faith” line. yay! SOOO excited to start working on those! i’ve ordered the supplies and tools i’ll need to create them and i’ve been researching sources for chains, beads, etc. i’ve also been contemplating a name for some new copper charms - yup, that’s right! copper charms! - and those should be ready in the next week or so. adding to that list, i’ve been researching various marketing avenues and i did a bit of updating to the bonhomie charms site. i’d love to know what you think!

aside from the new pieces, next month i’ll also be participating in a blog tour for an inspirational book written by a christian author. i’m really excited to read her book because it ties in with my promise to follow God’s design and live by intention. there’s also going to be a really cool giveaway to go along with that ;-)

hopefully i’ll have a sneak peek photo for you sometime next week – hold me to it!

i need to acknowledge some really awesome etsy treasuries i’ve been in lately – and most of them feature the same piece: my VESSEL ring!

Today is the Day


The Day the Earth Moved

Private Garden

Blimunda Moderna

Who’s in Your Circle

Love Me Twice Today

I Only Want to be With You

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