a few of my favorite things……

things have been pretty stressful in the freimuth home as of late (more on that in a bit) so i thought i’d cheer myself up by intentionally (there’s that word again!!) focusing on little things that make me smile……

starbucks coffee: sumatra blend, black with a shot of raspberry. yum!


(photo credit)

a nice, comfy, cozy scarf


(janneysgirl on etsy)

this recipe for a st. helene pear tart. more yum!


cape cod


(photo credit)

my happy song

and these guys ;-)


above all else, GOD. but he receives me in happiness and sorrow.

we received the news that my mother has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. we’re not exactly sure what this means and where we go from here. we see the doctor tomorrow who will, hopefully, provide more answers. so if you all could pray for us, it would be greatly appreciated.

so tell me, in your times of stress or sorrow, what makes you smile?

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