Veteran’s Day

there was a time in my life, for several years, that Veteran’s Day was spent visiting the local VA Hospitals and performing for the veterans with my USOVeteran's_Day_poster Troupe to show our appreciation for the sacrifices they made in our honor. my life has changed – i’m no longer a performer, i’m a mom. but does that mean that i stop expressing my appreciation? now i’m too busy to let them know that they’re not forgotten?? that shouldn’t be the case. my son should grow up seeing me express that appreciation and understanding what it means. i was in the Army. my husband was in the Air Force. i have one niece who has just returned from Afghanistan - safe and sound, praise Jesus! my other niece is just finishing up her years in the Navy after several overseas TODs. i’ve been to Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Korea……i’ve seen the sacrifices first hand. and i’ve dropped the ball. in a HUGE way. but i’m gonna pick it up and run with it. my son will know and understand and appreciate. and should he ever choose to serve, i’ll be terrified but i’ll be one proud mama.

Lord, i pray that you watch over those who are protecting our country. provide comfort to the family left behind. and please let them know that not one of them is forgotten. in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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