it’s beginning to look a lot like….

giftcertificateokay, i’m not gonna say it. although the little man did have a snow day today (!!!!) yeah. i know. anyway, tis the season – almost – so i’m offering gift certificates again! at the moment, they’re only available for my etsy shop but i plan to offer them on the charm site as well.

go take a look at my facebook page (the “welcome” tab)! it’s all tricked out now ;-) whaddaya think? and you might notice a new sign up in my sidebar>>>>……i’m doing a newsletter now and anyone who signs up gets a special surprise. yay! (i love surprises!)

speaking of seasons and holidays, i’m beginning to give some thought to cyber monday, black friday and holiday promotions (oh, my!)

what types of holiday promotions do you like to see when you’re shopping?

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