so maybe you're wondering where the "thirsty thursday" post have disappeared to? i really haven't had the time to check out the participating blogs and i didn't want to just "link and run" (so not cool!) so i'm sitting out for a bit.

in other news, i've updated the photos in my silver pebble and pearl sentiments necklace - more "sentiment" examples.

a few days ago, (okay, it was actually last week. seeee! i told you i've been busy!) gussy shared her tumblr page and it inspired me to create my own. it's a bit bare still but eventually i'll get all my bookmarks up there. such an awesome idea - now i'll have my bookmarks regardless of which computer i'm using! do you tumbl? share, share, share!

and speaking of awesome ideas, do you read adventuroo? she has a weekly series: momcomm monday with lots of very cool techie tips. i've been a bit to busy to implement some of her ideas.........hmm....i should add her to my tumblr page, duh!

ok, now it's back to the new website...the design has changed significantly from what i posted before but i'm almost done and should be able to unveil soon!

so, what randomness have you been up to??

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