New website progress....

So, I mentioned that I'm working on a new design of my Bonhomie Charms website as well as new designs for my charms. Here's my progress - difficult to compare because I can't show you the 'product page' - I need to make the charms so I can take the pictures (!!!) - but how do you feel about the overall design? I wanted something cleaner, a bit more sophisticated but still kinda funky, ya know??



So, am I succeeding? Any comments, tips, suggestions? Also, my plan was to use a paypal shopping cart but I'm wondering if I should look into another shopping cart service?

Also, don't forget: 10% DISCOUNT on my Etsy Featured items! Blog readers, just enter "BJBLOG" in the notes to seller and the difference will be refunded to you via paypal!


Christy said...

I like the sage green color in the old site better than the lime color in the new site. But the new site is more clean and crisp looking in terms of layout. =o)

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

Thanks for your feedback, Christy! I agree with you completely! I didn't really notice because I was so focused on getting a cleaner layout. See, that's the beauty of comments!

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