pretend it's Monday..........

yes, i know. no one wants to actually pretend it's monday. but I'm late. so just go along with it, k?

this week's "featured items" are up and ready to go in my etsy shop!! purchase either of the "featured items" (or all, if you'd like - i certainly won't stop you!!) and receive a 10% discount, refunded via paypal. just enter code BJBLOG!

and................you might notice a special little pretty over on my sidebar??? yup, i've done it! i'll be participating in Gussy's Holiday Gift Guide!! view the gift guide november 1st thru the 3rd to get a jump on your holiday shopping - chock full of handmade goodness! (here's a two-fer for me: i get to participate in a super-cool holiday gift guide AND participate in a "high-visibility advertising opportunity". half a check for me - woo hoo!)

i have a sister who's holiday shopping is always completed well before thanksgiving. i would love, love, love to be that organized but christmas shopping in the summer just doesn't seem to work for me.

how do you shop for the holidays?

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