i’ve seen so many blogs with fabulous photos of their seasonal decor and i was envious inspired. i don’t usually change my decor for the seasons unless it’s christmas…. it takes me so long to get everything the way i like it so i don’t like to move stuff around too much. and i usually can’t remember where everything went when it’s time to put it back! but i do attempt some fall decor outside and i just recently realized why that’s a bit easier for me – the colors of the inside of my house already reflect the fall season!

i love the gold and dark red in the kitchen (the wall treatment was super easy – apply some drywall mud, paint the solid color then hit it with a glaze!) and that same red is used in the living room, too. i will admit to using silk flowers in the window box. i’ve discovered that as much as i love beautiful gardens and flowers, maintenance of said gardens and flowers is not my strong suit.

how do you decorate for the seasons?

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