Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp - Week 2 Tasks

I didn't have a chance to post last week's Holiday Boot Camp progress so here it is today!

Last week's assignment:

  • list my most popular items

  • brainstorm new pieces to be offered this season

  • find a Boot Camp buddy

and for extra credit: according to Google Analytics, note which items have the most page views and lowest bounce rates.

I'm still working on finding a Boot Camp buddy (anyone interested?) but I've got the request out there! And on to the numbers.............

According to Etsy Hearts (which are difficult to track because they disappear when the item sells - huge bummer), my most popular item is my Vessel Pendant from the Couleurs collection with 28 Hearts. I've got a three-way tie for second place with 16 Hearts each: Unbroken Enamel Ring and the Vessel Ring (same collection) and my Dichro Stacking Rings.

According to my sales, my rings are my most popular seller - earrings and necklaces don't even come close! The ring I've sold most often is my Wanting Rings (10 sales) and next in line is my Copper Double Spinner Ring (8 sales). Third place goes to three of my rings: the Vessel Ring, the Copper Single Spinner Ring, and the Twisted Monogram Ring, at 7 sales each.

And Google Analytics says: the Vessel Ring has had 841 page views with a bounce rate of 48.69%.

So what does all this mean?? Ummm..........I'm not really certain. No, actually - rings are my biggest attractors, especially the Spinner Rings and the Coleurs line.

Perhaps I should create a few new Spinner designs and I actually have in mind a new enamel design...........

What do you think? Am I on the right track? Fellow Boot Campers, did you learn anything unexpected by looking at your numbers?

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Anonymous said...

I have so much respect for Etsians! Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day.

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