Etsy Holiday Bootcamp update & a surprise!!

it's been a while since i've posted on my bootcamp progress and for that i apologize.... rest assured, i haven't given up! so here's what's been goin' on:

first and foremost, i found a buddy!! NSPottery. she's an awesomely talented potter who creates beautiful, timeless pieces for your home AND jewelry (and you know i like that!!!)

you already know that i've been working on getting new items into my shop. with respect to the goals i'd set, i've secured one advertising opportunity and i think i may have another; the website has launched (yay!!! and that's part of the surprise!!); last week i was able to do 3 days at the bench - this week is looking good, too; and i still need to contact two brick & mortars but my bonhomie jewelry trunkt wholesale site is updated and ready to go! (didn't know i had one of those, did ya??)

so. one of our exercises was to determine 3 lists of keywords. words to describe our buyers, our style and our "key brand values" - our values as an artist and as a business owner. so here goes:

buyer: female, late teens to early 40s (yes, i know that's not one 'word'), individual, independant, strong, artistic, modern

style: bold, unique, comfortable, approachable, funky, modern, hip, wearable (is that a word??), well-made, durable

values: dependable, long-lasting, inventive, brave, reliable, worthy

what do you think? accurate? have i missed anything? (i'm sure i have!)

there are still items on the holiday bootcamp 'to do' list that i've yet to cross off - a bit of reading, especially on the bane of my existence photography tips so i'll keep you posted.

and now the surprise...........in honor of the launch of the new and improved bonhomie charms site (have you seen it yet? no?!?!? well, go look!!) i've decided to do a giveaway!! just in time for the holidays - though some of you have already finished your shopping. that's just not right! - i'll be giving away a bonhomie charm, newly designed and scheduled to debut friday. with it's debut, i'll officially announce the giveaway and all the particulars so be sure to check back!

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