Bonhomie is back!!!

Not that I've actually gone anywhere.........but (obviously) I've been absent from the blogosphere. I'm sure you don't want to read all the tedious details of my life since last December - suffice it to say, I spent some time concentrating on my family and home life, reprioritized quite a bit, and have come up with a brand new gameplan (which may not look like a new gameplan to you BUT includes a brand new mindset for me!)

So..........up and coming: new designs, some redesigns, new photos (more on that later) and a new direction for my blog. You can also expect to see some price changes. I've held off as long as I could but material costs are gettin' up there..........:-( In addition, I've let go of my 1000Markets shop for the time being. Marketing one shop is hard enough!!! *grin*

Some specific changes to look out for: I'd like to begin my "Artist Confession" series again. There is so much fabulous work on Etsy and I'd really like to start sharing some of my favorites again. That being said, if you haven't been featured before, see the "Confession Instructions" on my sidebar. To see what they're all about, you can read previous confessions here.

I mentioned "marketing one shop" a minute ago. Technically, I'm actually marketing two shops if you include my Bonhomie Charms site. I'm considering offering a few charms through my Etsy shop. The customization options wouldn't be as great but perhaps it would get the word out - my local sales have been great but no real activity online. My thought would be to have a specific font assigned to a specific charm shape......what do you think?

I would really like to thank all of my customers - the support they provided even when I wasn't working as hard as I should have been is so greatly appreciated!!!

Please, please, please do comment! Fellow artists, former & current customers and anyone who just happens upon my blog! Your feedback is invaluable!!

Until next time (which will be much sooner than you've previously been accustomed!!!)


Elenor said...

I was glad to see your post! About the charms on Etsy...can you set them up to be made to order? That is something people seem to love because it is just for them.

I am just really starting my Etsy shop, so there may be other options I don't know about...hopefully someone with more experience will weigh in!

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

Hi, Elenor! Yes, the charms would be made to order on Etsy - there would just be less options than what's available on my Charms site. For instance, I have about 5 different fonts and 5 different charm shapes to choose from on the Charms site. Etsy would offer the same shapes but each shape would be 'assigned' a different font. Does that make sense? So the charms would say whatever the customer wanted but only in the font specified. Etsy just doesn't have the set up for all the a la carte choices. Unless I opened another shop. Hmmm.........hadn't thought about that.......

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