I've been obsessed with bracelets lately. Don't ask my why but my fall line - slow coming out, I know - will be filled with them. In fact, it may be my entire fall line! Cuffs, bangles, charms.........here's a sneak peek:

Introducing "Relic".........a distressed, copper cuff. I've been working with copper quite a bit lately. It allows me to keep costs down for my customers but more than that, it's just plain fun! It seems to be my metal of choice this fall.

In other news, I'm finding that I REALLY need to spend some regularly scheduled, dedicated time at the bench. Inventory at Brazen Betties is waaaaaaayyyy down and I'm considering going into a second 'brick & mortar' so I need to step it up. So how do you guys 'work' your craft? I know that my friend Janice (Doxallo Designs - GORGEOUS work!!) has one night a week she's set aside for bench time. Do you catch the time as it comes up? A little bit each day? Or do you schedule in a day or two a week? Looking for tips to stay on schedule!

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